conversation cards

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Heidi & Winston

We are the couple behind Vybe & Hype.

Feeling connected

Feeling connected in a busy world can be a struggle sometimes.

The reason we created Vybe + Hype, is that we wanted to create a space where we could vibe with like-minded people and also a place where we could hype each other up.

The first product we have designed is a deck of 50 questions, a conversation card game. It's designed to bring people closer and create deeper connections between the people who use it.

We have used these questions on several occasions over the last 6 months, and they have been the source of wonder, surprise, tears, laughs, and deep connection.

It is our hope and aim, to bring more of those feelings into the world. To connect you even more with the people around you.

That is why we created Vybe + Hype.